There is a reason for the stamps usage in a wide variety of industries for such a long time. They are fast and practical helpers, both in office life and in private life. In a very convenient way, our high-quality stamps with your company logo mark your business correspondence and make it look official and unique. Thanks to the personalised stamp your private correspondence will look individual and stylish. Order your unique stamp at Ocean Werbung now!

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With us you can order both traditional wooden stamps, as well as automatic stamps. Both types are available in different sizes and variations. We will produce your personalised stamps in a short time so they can be picked up for you on the same day.

Let us design your stamps

Leave the design of your personal stamp to our experienced designer team. Our professional team will create for you a stamp that fits your corporate identity very well. If you have a firm idea about your perfect stamp, we also like to implement it. You can then send us the desired photos and graphics by email.

We design your stamp

Stamp design

Everything starts with the design of your stamp. Leave your design to our qualified designer team. You get a stylish and meaningful stamp already from 30,00 Euro. On request including printing and delivery. Including printing and delivery on request.

Design order

Automatic stamp

An automatic stamp is a self-inking stamp that does not require an extra stamp pad. It has a built-in color pad that automatically fills with color. The impression of an automatic stamp is strong, sharp and extremely clean compared to other types of stamps. High-quality automatic stamps made by MODICO® have special product features that other automatic stamps do not have. MODICO® stamps almost all fonts, graphics, gradients and even photos in grayscale on the integrated ink pad!

You can make up to 20,000 stamp images with a new ink pad, without refilling the paint! And if your stamp will need new paint, then you can also refill it with spare paint tank. Automatic stamps are very often used by companies, organisations and authorities, but also private customers recognise the benefits of those practical stamps. This makes it easy to incorporate the company logo, address and a personal motif for desirable impression.

MODICO® M2 (37 x 11 mm)
from 17,00 EUR
MODICO® M3 / P3 (pocket stamp) (49 x 15 mm)
from 21,00 EUR
MODICO® M4 / P4 (pocket stamp) (57 x 20 mm)
from 25,00 EUR
MODICO® M5 (63 x 24 mm)
from 29,00 EUR
MODICO® M6 (63 x 33 mm)
from 32,00 EUR
MODICO® M10 (89 x 44 mm)
from 84,99 EUR
MODICO® M12 (80 x 62 mm)
from 89,99 EUR
MODICO® M14 (98 x 69 mm)
from 94,99 EUR
MODICO® M-R45 (42 mm round)
from 39,00 EUR
MODICO® M-D1 (57 x 35 mm)
MODICO® M-D2 (62 x 43 mm)

Wooden stamp

We can manufacture for you the classic wooden stamps on polymer basis, square or round in different sizes. Holzstempel sind die stilvollen Klassiker unter den Stempelarten. Thanks to our special polymer technology, you will achieve a quality and long-lasting print image. It is also possible to reproduce not only texts but also motifs and uncomplicated patterns. Your stamp can be equipped with an external color pad according to your needs, which you can be easily replace at any time. Choose between different shapes and sizes.

Wooden stamp XS (40 x 15 mm / 3 rows)
Wooden stamp S (40 x 15 mm / 4 rows)
Wooden stamp XS - long (55 x 15 mm / 3 rows)
Wooden stamp M (30 x 60 mm / 6 rows)
Wooden stamp M - long (30 x 70 mm / 6 rows)
Wooden stamp XL (50 x 80 mm / 10 rows)
Wooden stamp XL - long (50 x 95 mm / 10 rows)

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Don't worry about printing. Sit back and let our experienced team do the job for you. From now on, a standard quality control is included with every order.

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