Lightboxes are among the most effective advertising materials and are real eye-catchers! They appeal to passersby both during the day and at night. Thanks to integrated backlighting, unfavorable weather conditions will not prevent light boxes from communicating the message of your shop or restaurant. Modern LED lightboxes from Ocean have a significantly higher efficiency than other light sources and at the same time conserve your power consumption. Let us convince you of the advantages of our lightboxes!

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A lightbox represents your business and makes first impression with your potential customers. For this reason, your lightbox should fit perfectly to your corporate identity. Your advertising message should be convincing as well. Our designer team will advise you and create a perfect lightbox for your needs.  We offer both single-sided lightboxes for wall mounting or two-sided lightboxes with different mounting options an sizes. If you are interested in a custom-made product, we will be able to create it for you.

Configure lightbox online

With the Ocean Product Configurator you can configure your lightbox in our online shop as needed. The prices are calculated automatically and the lightbox is produced and delivered immediately after completion of the order. Choose between one-sided and two-sided lightboxes or as well different shapes and sizes. Lightboxes can be provided with digital printed foil or plottered foil. Add your print file to the order (free quality control is included) or ask us to create unique design for you.

Design lightbox online

Lightbox configurator

Select product, configure, calculate prices and order. We make sure that you can easily configure your lightbox yourself. Upon request we include design created by our professional team.

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Lightboxes Types and Applications

Choose between one-sided and two-sided lightboxes. Choose between different shapes and sizes, with many lightning system to select from. On request including design. The online configurator guides you through all the steps to your desired professional advertising lightbox. All light boxes are equipped with high-quality LED lighting depending on the configuration and the frames can be painted on request.

1-sided lightbox (wall-mounted)
from 149,00 EUR
2-sided lightbox
from 249,00 EUR

Different types and sizes

While one-sided lightbox is perfect for long and large advertising messages or business names, the two-sided lightbox presents your logo or shorter messages in two directions at the same time. One-sided light boxes are mounted directly on the wall. Light source is installed on the wall behind the lightbox. Double-sided lightboxes, on the other hand, are intended for lateral wall or ceiling mounting and are backlit on both sides. Both types are available in any size or in individual shapes (for example round or oval).

Lightboxes with company name, message or graphic.

Our lightboxes are not only individually assembled and equipped with LED lightning system, but also provided with a quality print. You have the choice between plottered foil (single or multi-colored, opaque or translucent) and a full-surface digital printed film (translucent) including matt or glossy laminate. You can send us your own design or ask our team to create professional looking one tailored specially for your needs.

High quality LED lighting system

Our LED lighting system has excellent luminosity and saves your electricity! Unlike conventional bulbs, LEDs leaks only five percent of the energy as heat, the rest is efficiently converted into luminosity. Thus, less energy is consumed for the same luminosity level. Additionally you can choose between warm white and cold white LEDs.

Lightbox including installation

Installation service

Our specialists are happy to install your new banner. Simply order our installation service and select term when ordering. Service is available in whole Berlin and Brandenburg.

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