Plotter films are real universal media in the advertising industry. They have an impressively wide range of uses, as they adhere perfectly to all smooth surfaces, such as metal, plastic, and glass. Thus, quite ordinary items such as windows or car by a skillful use of plotter film become advertising media. Whether door or vehicle lettering, design of your shop windows or individualising various items, all this and much more is possible with the plotter film from Ocean. Let your imagination run wild!

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In order to achieve the desired effect, we offer the widest selection of colors, patterns and properties of the films. Whether matt or glossy, opaque, translucent or reflective, you will surely find the perfect solution for your needs! Thanks to our modern plotter we are able to cut with extreme precision according to vector cutting path, so that final product can meet your expectation perfectly. We provide each of our plotter films with a special transfer foil to enable you to apply the cuted patterns or shapes simply, quickly and conveniently to the desired surface.

Since our plotter films are weather-resistant and waterproof, they are also perfect for outdoor use. Thanks to UV resistance, the film also retains its rich color without fading. After years of use, which is ensured by the highest quality of the films, the cuted pattern can be easily removed without residue. We only use top grade films from the brands like ORACAL®, 3M®, ASLAN® & co.

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It has never been so easy to calculate a finished product from any location. With the Ocean Product Configurator, you can configure any film from our online shop as needed. The prices are calculated automatically and the product is cuted and shipped immediately after completion of the order. Send your print file (which including free quality control) or benefit from our design services.

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Select product, configure, calculate prices and order. We make sure that you can easily and conveniently configure your plotter film yourself. You can also request for design done by our experienced team.

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Plotter Film Types and Applications

To decorate your "four walls" we design for you individualized decorative films (eg wall decoration) with your favorite patterns, shapes, or quotations. For the interior of your office as well as for the shower room you can use glass decor as a visual protection. For vehicle lettering and the use of outdoor solutions, it is advisable to use reflective or translucent films to attract attention to the logo or opening hours of your business.

ORACAL® 631 Matt (Farbfolie, innen & außen)
ab 10,00 EUR
ORACAL® 751C Glanz (Farbfolie, innen & außen)
ab 12,00 EUR
ORACAL® 8300 transparent (Farbfolie, innen & außen)
ab 15,00 EUR
ORACAL® 8500 transluzent (für Leuchtwerbung, innen & außen)
ab 12,00 EUR
ORACAL® Glasdekorfolie (innen & außen)
ab 15,00 EUR

Film for indoor and outdoor use

All films are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The ORACAL® 631 color film is ideal for the wall decorations, but can also be used in outdoor areas as outdoor advertising. For example, you can put the logo or the opening hours of your business on the showcase or glass door. For vehicle lettering or for special quality requirements, we recommend the ORACAL® 751C High Performance Cast Color Film. This one is particularly weather-resistant and lasts up to 8 years without yellowing or losing its adhesive power. Both films are available in different colors.

Glass decor film and translucent films

A beautiful effect when mounted on a transparent glass surface (for example showcase or window) can be achieved with a glass decorative film. This ensures a good look and imitates satined glass. The film lets light through, but is rough and dull, so you do not see anything behind it. Cut-out patterns or single words appear opaque and the clear glass next to them provides contrast. Ideal as a privacy screen in the office or as a design element for glass surfaces.

Translucent films find their use in neon signs (for example light boxes). These are available in different colors and unlike the glass decorative films less transparent and therefore colorfast. When backlit, they gain in vivid and beautiful color effect. Even without backlighting, they are almost as strong and colorfull as conventional color films. Ideal as outdoor advertising with backlighting.

Decorative films

To decorate furnitures, elements of your interior or vehicles, decorative films are the best choice. These are not only monochrome, but have different patterns or textures. Wood texture make every surface look exclusive, leather texture are perfect for labeling surfaces and carbon texture turn any vehicle into a sports car. Plottered elements from these kind of films looks more premium.

Film plotting including installation

Installation service

Our team is happy to help you with the installation of your plotter film design. Just request assembly service when ordering from our configurator. Service is available in whole Berlin and Brandenburg.

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