Around 5.2 million people a year move to another house or apartment in Germany alone. A large market opens up with great potential for a young startup from Berlin. We took care of the research and developed the corporate design together with the logo. In the specially created style also shines the new website, where you can easily plan a book moving service. Moving at the discounted price with Umzug.Discount.


Online portal for moves „Umzug.Discount“



Our tasks

Corporate design, logo design, web design

Corporate design

The idea ...

Above all, a professional moving companyhas to inspire confidence, because every move is individual and personal. At the same time, it must be communicated that you receive an offer very quickly, and moving process from A to B will be cheap and on time. Our job is to provide the customer with a reliable, cheap and fast service.

corporate design

... the result

The logo is based on the golden ratio and with the lettering harmonises. We immediately incorporated two elements in the logo - two connected places and a happy face. With the name we have oriented ourselves on "cheap service". In addition, the name is easy to find and easy to remember. An ideal combination of naming and visual language.