From the very first day, we have managed two industries under one roof - an advertising agency and a locksmith. Two industries that at first differ like two opposites. Only when you take a closer look at our concept, you notice how close these two sectors are and how they combine. Our locksmiths became an independent brand in 2016: Schlüssel.Discount, the online shop for security technology and the first online locksmith.




OWSD Werbe- und Sicherheitsshop GmbH (before Ocean Werbetechnik & Services Ltd.)

Our tasks

New brand creation


The online store for security solutions

With more than 1500 products is Schlüssel.Discount one of the leading online shops for security technology such as lock cylinders, locks, safes, door and window locks as well as alarm and video. The numerous configuration options, product sketches, pictures and detailed descriptions open up new possibilities for the customer.


The first online locksmith

Everyone can now easily copy their keys online. It does not matter if you live around the corner in Berlin to pass the key in our store, or in another city or even abroad. Send photo of the key via WhatsApp or e-mail. Receive a price. Pack your keys, send them and receive the copies by mail.

Operating concept

Already on the concept level the user-friendliness was in the focus. We have set ourselves the task of developing a completely new platform.

All products should be configurable in a few steps. Also, the search for products should be as simple as possible. That is why we have equipped almost all items with a product configurator.

Product development

It was important for us that every customer receives as much information as possible about the products and services. This makes the purchase decision easier and the customer is satisfied.

All products feature high-resolution product images, precise sketches and presentation videos. You will also find detailed descriptions and useful information about the products and manufacturers.

Marketing & SEO

Running an online shop also means investing in online marketing & SEO. After all, the products do not sell themselves. That was an enormous task for our team.

Hundreds of pages, blog posts, and product descriptions. Advertising on social networks and portals. Online marketing through videos on YouTube, print advertising materials and much more behind the project.




Online shop